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BAZOOF! has been proud to focus its content on youth work since its first magazine in 2007. Children have so much to share, and it is always quite amazing what they come up with.

The #81 Time Machine issue of BAZOOF! is no exception. Tucked on pages 30-31, Ben shares what makes living in Ottery St Mary in England such a special place. Ben, along with other children in his village, put on face paint, dress up as pixies, and have an afternoon and evening of their lives!

Tar Barrels

Ben also mentions another event that brings in travellers from around the world called the Tar Barrels. Participants are not only adults but children as young as seven years old that make up the teams. Enjoy Ben’s article, along with the magazine’s upcoming features that draws children together no matter where they live!

Thanking Grandad Stuart for his assistance as well! Photos courtesy of website

What Makes Your Community Special?

Share the traditions and events your community enjoys that makes it a special place to live. Submit it and enjoy the reward as Ben has done!