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A Wrinkle in Time Movie Review

Directed by Ava Dvernity

“Intense scenes and family moments.”

The story is about a missing father that travels away from his family and his daughter who tries to find him. Meg, Charles and Calvin go on a trip with three women, then travel to space to find her father.

One difference that worked well was when Meg threw the ball at a bully (a girl) instead of trying to fight the boy that was much stronger than she was. It worked well because it isn’t like the book. It happened while playing basketball, and in the book it took place on the side of the road. I didn’t like it when Mrs. Whatsit transformed. The book had a better description of her transformation.

The movie did many things well. The pace was just right for many scenes. The music was intense and touching, especially when Charles Wallace got controlled by IT. Also, when Meg was fighting IT, it was difficult to fight IT3. With intense feelings, drama, thrills, and realistic events, this movie is for sure a must-see. Review by Oluwafolajimi, Age 11

“Mysterious and action-packed movie.”

A girl named Meg tries to save her father with her brother and friend. This thrilling movie packs a lot of action into its two-hour run.

I like it because it’s different from other space movies. It’s different because they travel with an element called a tesseract instead of using a rocket ship. What truly makes this movie good is the build up to saving Meg’s father.

The movie is well-structured and has surprising twists. For example, Meg goes from rude to brave and generous. I like the music for that specific scene. But I don’t like how short the movie was. I feel like they should have added a scene where Meg fights with someone to get her father. I like how Meg is being built up from an insecure to a brave woman. I recommend this movie to people who like mysterious and space travel movies. Also, people 10-13 years old would like this. I would rate this movie a 4/5 stars. Review by Colin, Age 12

“Intense adventures of a young girl.”

This a movie about the intense adventures of a young girl named Meg, a five-year-old named Charles Wallace, a boy named Calvin, and Mrs. W’s search to find Meg and Charles’s Father. In the movie A Wrinkle in Time, some parts were rushed and different from the book, which made the movie confusing. Also, it had some cool, realistic, and eventful parts that happened during the movie or when Mrs. Whatsit turned into lettuce.

This movie is an adaptation of the novel A Wrinkle in Time of the same name. The movie stays the same as the book for some parts. It also has some unexpected changes. The movie is much more rushed than the book. This change makes the movie a different version than the novel because of the missing characters and the rushing storyline. This movie also has some nice parts that make it interesting and realistic.

In my opinion, the movie A Wrinkle in Time is an exciting and emotional movie. For example, when Meg’s dad got rescued after being gone for four years, it was emotional to see the character’s reaction to this unexpected comeback. This movie is also exciting because of the intensity when they were trying to tesser out of Camazotz. In my opinion, this movie is also unique because I had never seen a movie talk about the Black Thing or tessering. I think this movie was cool, realistic, unique, emotional, but also a bit rushed, so I rate it an 8/10! Review by Valentina, Age 11

“Exciting and breathtaking movie.”

This movie is an adaptation of a novel made by Madeleine L’Engle. They might be similar, but there are some differences. One difference I didn’t like was that there wasn’t Aunt Beast. In the book, Aunt Beast plays a big role. And if it were in the movie, it would’ve been more exciting and adventurous because you get to see a new planet and see new people. And it would also give us better character development.

This movie has a lot of surprising twists. For example, Meg went from being rude to a brave and loving person. The special effects used for IT and the black thing was awesome. I recommend this to anyone who likes adventures. Review by Cristofer, Age 11

“An intense adventure.”

This film is one of the best books turned into a movie, with Meg travelling through time and space to find her father but facing many challenges along the way.

A strong similarity to the book that worked in the movie was how IT looked like a gigantic brain, just like the book said. A part I wished had been included in the movie was Aunt Beast because without that part, the film missed an opportunity for an intense adventure like their plan to save Charles Wallace.

The music in the movie scenes was mostly on the ball, but in one scene where Meg was reunited with her father, the music didn’t make sense because Charles Wallace was controlled by IT. They could have done better with the music being intense. The character change shown in the movie was amazing because Meg, in the beginning probably didn’t like herself, struggled in school, missed her father, and in the end, she liked herself and found her father. I recommend this for people who like time travel and space movies. I would give this movie a 3.5/5. Review by Sylvester, Age 12

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