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Babysitter Blues

“One Sunday my older brother was sick so he stayed home from church and was asked to watch over our little brother, Michael. When we returned home, we found my older brother asleep with no idea where Michael was. We looked and looked but couldn’t find Michael anywhere in the house or outside, and he wasn’t answering us.

Where’s Michael?

We were very scared. Maybe he wandered far away or someone saw him on the road and took him? Finally we found him hiding in a closet. He had wet his pants and hid because he thought he’d get in trouble and fell fast asleep. We realized how much we loved Michael and how careful we needed to be when watching over him.”

by Mercedes Rayne

Family Experience

Write down an experience you had in your home when you were between seven and 12 years old. The experience could be when you learned a lesson, about a fear you overcame, or an experience that meant a lot to you. For examples, see the stories posted here. You could even send it to B! for a chance to have it published! They are fun to think of and write!