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True Little Stories – Play Safe Games

Play Safe Games

by Mercedes Rayne

“It was popular around the school to play a game where someone stands with their arms straight at their sides and lets themselves fall straight back and someone else catches them. When it was my turn, the girl who was supposed to catch me stepped away and let me fall (I have no idea why). Our playground was made of pavement, so I trustingly fell straight back onto the hard surface. My head was bleeding and I was taken to the hospital. The doctor told me I was very lucky I didn’t crack my skull. That was a very frightening experience.”

Nic Names are Fun!

by Mercedes Rayne

“It is something that kids just do, even adults, they like to call you something different than your real name. They’ll find anything about you that will help them think of what that could be. Mine came easy because I was smaller than most kids my age. So, I got names like “small fry,” “mini martian,” “pip squeak,” “short stop,” “pee wee,” to name a few. Thank goodness I didn’t let them bother me. If some kids take it too far, tell an adult, but otherwise just laugh them off because everyone gets them!”

Fire With Fire!

by Carmen Durand

“My friend came over to our farm once with some matches and we decided to go up to the hay loft and light hay on fire. Wow were we lucky, nothing happened but I found out afterwards how easily hay can catch on fire. If we had lost control the loft would have burned down in minutes, and we would have been in it!”

Your Turn!

Write down an experience you had when you were between seven and 12 years old. The experience could be when you learned a lesson, about a fear you overcame, or an experience that meant a lot to you. For examples, see the stories posted here. You could even send it to B! for a chance to have it published! They are fun to think of and write!