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You know the rule about not taking candy from strangers? Well, that rule doesn’t apply for the Halloween tradition. But remember, once trick or treating is over, it’s right back to the following that rule again!

Expect a “BOO!”

Some people really like to have fun with kids when they come to their door. They might dress up and may even say, “BOO!” and try to scare you. People have even dressed in costumes and then blended themselves in the decorations on their porch. So, know this is all part of the fun!

Be Sure Your Costume is Comfy!

Before you spend quite a bit of time in your costume Halloween day or evening, try it on and wear it around the house for a few hours. If anything starts to bug you, tell a parent or guardian and see if there is a solution before the big day!

  • Be sure you can walk in it fine
  • Reach with your arms
  • Sit in it okay
  • Not too long so you don’t trip
  • Too loose, or tight
  • The fabric it is made of isn’t too scratchy or stiff
  • Elastics aren’t too tight
  • Tags are removed

Not Every Costume Works

There may be a costume you really want to buy, but your parent or caregiver might not feel it is the right one. Know that you might just find another one that you’ll like as much or more. So keep looking around or thinking up another idea. There are LOTS of possibilities!

Stay Warm But Not Too Sweaty

Depending on where you live, when the evening comes it can get quite cold. You might put a coat or jacket under your costume or over it. Sometimes your hands can get cold, so take some gloves with you in case. You just want to keep warm, but not get too hot and sweaty either to avoid getting sick.

Watch Your Manners

When going to people’s homes, be sure to use your best manners. Don’t reach in the bucket of goodies unless the person shows you they want you to. Sometimes they prefer to pass them out, so watch for the clues. And when you do receive your goodies, be sure to say a big, “Thank you!” before you run off to the next door. People really appreciate that.

Street Safe

Never cross the street without a parent or caregiver. There can be lots of traffic and people not paying attention when they are driving because they are looking at the all the sights and sounds of Halloween. If it gets dark, always take a flashlight with you so you can see and people can see you!

Candy Check

Be sure to have your candy checked by a parent or caregiver before eating it. If you try to eat it while you are trick or treating, you might choke or eat something you shouldn’t. Don’t eat anything homemade unless you know the people who gave it to you, and everything should be securely wrapped.