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by Leo, Age 12


It’s five or six in the morning
Sighs, yawns, and groans fill the air
Car engines are running and droning

During the morning commute
The owner returns to the car
with a mug of coffee
Steaming with levels of heat on par
to the heat of a toasty
burning fire

Coffee, the great black liquid
Savior of those who tire
Appealing to many different fluid tastes
Plain, milk, sugar
Hot or iced

There are so many options
For people to get through the day
While coffee is popular and all
It doesn’t come without a price
Maybe you’ll collapse in the heat
Or sleep on the wall
Or just run out of cash

With all the negatives it bears
The chance to make you ill
The positives trump it all
For people buy it still

Look Around

There is always so much happening around you. Can you observe something that might spark an idea for writing a poem, like what Leo did? It could be a journal entry or the beginning of a short story. You could even send it to B! by visiting submit.