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True Little Stories – Big OUCH!

by Allison O’Donnell


My two sisters and I liked playing outside on the backyard’s chain-link swing set. One day my sister wound my swing up so it would send me spinning when she let go. Moments before releasing me, she realized my hair was caught in the chains and told me to wait while she untangled it. I panicked and jumped off, ripping out a hunk of my hair. I had a bald spot for a year! When it finally grew back, it was white. After that, I learned to be more patient and trusting of my big sis.

Lost n’ Found

I was shopping with my parents, and we stopped to look at some watches. I found one I really liked with a second hand that looked like an orca and looked at it for a long time. When I looked up to show my parents, they were gone. I was frightened for a minute but found a store clerk and told her I was lost. She took me to the security office, asked me a few questions, and gave me a cookie. They called for my parents on the intercom, and then everything was okay. I should have paid more attention while in a public area.

Watch What You’re Doing!

Sometimes it gets annoying when our parents tell us to use our table manners, but it really is for a good reason. Though forks and knives are used by us every day, they can be very sharp and dangerous. My little brother got very silly and excited one day and started waving his fork around. He ended up stabbing my dad in the eye! My dad was very hurt and had to go to the hospital. Table manners seemed much more important after that!

Your Turn!

Write down an experience you had when you were between seven and 12 years old. The experience could be when you learned a lesson, about a fear you overcame, or an experience that meant a lot to you.. For examples, see the stories posted here. You could even send it to B! for a chance to have it published! They are fun to think of and write!