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Looking for some ideas of what to do with your friends? Girls between the ages of 7-12 years told B! what they like to do or think is boring when they are ‘hanging out’ with their friends. Comments from girls Ages 11-12 are featured in the print version of BAZOOF! Magazine Issue #79.

Ages 7-8

Favourite Activities

  • Play with my toys or make stuff firecrackers out of wrapping paper for each other – Danika
  • Play in the backyard on the trampoline or swim in my friend’s pool – Zoe
  • Play tag outside and make forts – Raquel
  • Play ‘teenagers’ or ‘house,’ play on the computer, watch our favourite TV shows or have a cartwheel and handstand contest – Raquel
  • Play board games, tag, or have a pizza and a movie night on Fridays – Emily
  • Dress up, put on music and sing & dance, or help my mom bake – Tsega
  • Jump rope, dolls, watch movies, paint and play cards – Tessa

What’s Boring

  • Playing with dolls – Danika
  • Running around not doing anything – Zoe
  • Watching TV too long – Raquel
  • Sitting around doing nothing – Emily
  • Having to clean up our messes – Tessa

Ages 9-10

Favourite Activities

  • Play basketball or hide-go-seek, play an imaginary game that we’re horses or that we have pets – Nicole
  • Go to the mall or the grocery store and get a free cookie from the bakery, write stories or makeup songs – Rebecca
  • Just hang out and talk – Lauren
  • We like to bug boys – Sophia
  • Swim at the recreation centre – Isabella
  • Shop for clothes, tell each other jokes, polish our nails, or play tether ball at the school – Brooklyn
  • Make up dances, go to the movies, or do makeovers – Brooklyn
  • Go on the trampoline, play games on the computer, and do crafts – Brooklyn

What’s Boring

  • When you have to do everything someone else wants to do and they act like the leader – Nicole
  • Doing homework – Rebecca
  • Just sitting around – Lauren
  • My brother is really boring – Sophia
  • When my friend keeps on talking and I don’t know what she’s talking about – Isabella
  • Playing with dolls & mini hockey – Brooklyn

Share Your Thoughts!

Write in and tell B! what your favourite activities are when hanging out with your friends, or what you think is boring. See sending details at submit .