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Adah’s Hike


by Adah, Age 11

“I went on my very first hike with my cousins and grandpa. My parents and sister decided to go to a cave, but I chose to hike. We knew that the hike would take about four hours in 90° weather prior to getting there, so we came prepared.

We packed two backpacks full of water bottles and another full of snacks. This hiking trail led to the top of a mountain, and it isn’t a road well-travelled. We passed quite a few people, but the trail was anything but worn down. On our way up, a gopher popped up from behind a rock and sat there while we took pictures of it. It was super cute!

Taking it All In

We passed many streams that came running down from the mountain slopes above. We didn’t drink it, though, in case it made us sick. We continued our way up until we passed a clearing of trees. Ahead of us was a rock pathway.

We followed it, and the view was stunning! You could see for miles on either side! I never wanted to leave, as I am one for nature. Then there was the biggest chipmunk I had ever seen! I took a picture of it. It was the size of a squirrel! As we continued along the rock pathway, we reached the gravel pathway once again.

The Waterfall

Then a sign pointed in two directions and the path split into two. If you went right, you ended up at a trout pond with a small waterfall at the back. We went there first. The frogs were incredibly loud! As we continued our hike down the opposite pathway, we saw a sign that said ‘waterfall’. It was huge! You could go underneath it and behind it.

I stood in front of it and my grandpa stood behind it with his arms up. I snapped a picture. I show it to all my friends because I really like it. Then we turned around and headed back down the trail. Of course, we don’t have mountains here in Minnesota, but we were in Colorado on our way to a dude ranch. My first hike was amazing!”

Special Moments!

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