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Hammy the Hamster

“We needed a new sofa so my parents bought a second-hand one that seemed like a good fit. While watching TV later that evening, we heard some scratching noises. My mom thought it was mice. Dad followed the sound and removed a board from the back of the sofa. Much to our surprise, he found a hamster!

Taking Hammy Home

Dad put it in a box and returned it to the house where we bought the sofa. When Dad arrived at the home, they were so happy to see, ‘Hammy’! They’d been looking for him all over the place and had warned their kids not to leave Hammy’s cage open or he could run off and be gone forever!

Bringing Hammy Safely Back

They thanked Dad so much for bringing Hammy safely back, then joked that Hammy must have decided to have a sleepover in the sofa! Before we went to bed that night, we checked to see that all of our pets were safely locked in their cages (beds)!”

by Karen R. Clarke

Send in Your True Stories

Write down an experience you had when you were between seven and 12 years old. The experience could be when you learned a lesson, about a fear you overcame, or an experience that meant a lot to you. For examples, see the stories posted here. You could even send it to B! for a chance to have it published! They are fun to think of and write!