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K-ZAAHHH! Whatsup my home dawgity dawgs? I’ve been gettin’ some cool letters and wanted everyone to read how different kids are kickin’ in their hoods! Check these out!

Letter 1

“Hi, Crazer! My name’s Robbie and I’ve been practicing really hard to make it to the team of the Vermilion Tigers. I’m really excited for the hockey season to start, even though I’m mad that summer ended early. I’ve never been in hockey and can’t wait for tryouts. Thanks!” Robbie, Age 10

Rob, my man! I bet you made the team and now you’re cuttin’ the ice! Hockey is one of my most fad winter sports too! Keep gettin’ on the gear and doin’ the best for your team! Thanks for the rad letter!

Letter 2

“Crazer, I think it is really fun to play soccer. You get to run with the ball and play with your friends.” Madison, Age 9

Maddy, I think soccer is wicked cool fun, too! Keep up those smooth moves on the field! Soccer has lots of runnin’ and that will keep you in shape!

Letter 3

“Hey Crazer, I am not a big fan when it comes to sports like hockey or soccer. For a long time I was in rock climbing, which I loved to do. But this year I tried something different. I tried cheer leading! I know what your thinking…waving pompoms around and saying random chants! Let me tell you, I was one of those people who thought that too until I tried it. Cheer leading is way more than that. You learn to do dances, but they are hard and you have to get it right for competitions. There is more too…like the people. There are flyers who get thrown in the air and do stunts, then it’s up to the base people to catch them. They are also the people who lift the flyers in the air. I am a flyer, it’s really fun! So, if you’re a person who likes dance and competitions, then try cheer leading!” Your pal, Maddison

Maddison! Cheer leading sounds craaaazy! I’d be a high flyin’ flyer, too! Spinnin’ in the air…now that’s my style! I’ve never tried it but I’d sure like to! Way to go dudette!

Tell me how you’re kickin’ it!

Drop Crazer a note and tell him what sport you like to play and what you enjoy about it. See submit for the details.