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BAZOOF! Magazine has lots of fun facts! Here are some interesting ones about how your body works and the food you eat!

Did You Know?

  • Your brain is sometimes more active when you’re asleep than when you’re awake.
  • Babies don’t shed tears until they’re at least one month old.
  • The human heart beats more than three billion times in an average lifespan.
  • Human teeth are just as strong as shark teeth!
  • Humans are the only species known to blush.
  • The banana is not a fruit, it is an herb.
  • Strawberries contain more vitamin C in them than oranges.
  • Goat’s milk is more popular around the world than cow’s milk.
  • Rice is the main food for half of the world’s population.
  • Ancient carrots were the color purple instead of orange.

Do You Know Any DYKs?

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