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Bats are so interesting! In this photo, you see some fruit bats hanging upside down for a nap, with their wings wrapped around themselves like a cozy blanket. Their furry heads are sticking out the bottom with those signature pointed ears!

What is also very interesting is Sara’s poem about a bat—who not only likes to hang upside down but spends his night hours flying a kite! Take a read!

Ricky the Bat Flies a Kite

by Sara, Age 12

One cold winter in the middle of the night,
Ricky, the Bat, was flying his kite.

It flew higher and higher in the frozen winter air,
it pretended to be flying at a nighttime country fair.

Ricky thought quickly to let out more string,
since he knew his kite flying was no ordinary thing.

“A kite like this could take me many places,”
thought Ricky in the dark, when he noticed fourteen faces.

Floating all around his kite, which kept whistling in the night, 
Ricky thought this was quite a sight, a kite with fourteen faces whistling in the night.

“Who can I tell about these fourteen faces?” thought Ricky,
when the faces quickly changed their places.

The faces were all different shades of blue and green and red,
and they said the funniest things like, “Now it’s time for bed.”

They sang songs that no one had heard before on the coldest winter night,
while the winter wind kept talking softly to Ricky’s flying kite. 

When Ricky ran to the river holding the string of his kite,
all the fourteen faces followed him in the night.

The shades of green and blue and red kept changing on their faces,
They kept singing songs that no one knew, and Ricky didn’t know what to do!

They said, “Ricky, don’t worry. We’ll bring you to another land,
and you can be a singer in our twenty-four-piece band.”

“No, thank you, Sirs and Madames. I’d rather fly my kite,” said Ricky shivering in the night,
And then the fourteen faces flew quietly out of sight.

Unusual-Combination Poems!

Try writing a poem about an unusual combination, like Sara did so well. Other examples might be writing a poem about an octopus who is a ballerina, a lizard who rides a motorbike, or a skunk who is a detective. There are lots of fun combinations that could spark your ideas for writing. Then, you could send it to B! and have a chance to be published by submitting it here. Thanks, Sara, for sending in your poem!