Penguins & Pigeons #77

January 25, 2022: Happy New Year Readers!

NOTICE FOR ISSUE #77: We apologize, there has been a delay for this issue with all the new development happening with the brand along with the Christmas break. There is lots of exciting things ahead for BAZOOF! readers in 2022. Files are at the printers now with copies being mailed February 1st. The digital version will be available for download Saturday, January 29th. Things will be on track for issue #78 being mailed April 1st.

Now, back to the fun stuff! This chilly issue takes readers to a special feature all about hurricanes. Read Jill’s diary and her experience living in a hurricane zone and how the community deals with these horrific storms. A video goes along with this feature as well so the readers can see the eye of the storm and other unique footage.

Looking for some activities to do indoors where it’s warm? Tanith, one of BAZOOF! illustrators and graphic designers, shares a special craft with you. You’ll be looking through photos taken last year to spark some ideas. It’s easy and you could even give it away as a gift.

Ninja Bob JR is a few steps closer to bringing his Dad back, in the Ninja Bob hit comic series. He has a special helper who lives in the heating vents at Evil HQ. Read to find out what happens!

There is a very unique pigeon who likes to swim, unlike his fellow feathered friends. How does he deal with being different. Enjoy this story by Lorraine, Age 10.

Also, a mystery story about a magician and a penguin family that live in the Arctic, by Raghav, Age 12. After you read the story, print out a fun puzzle.

Learn some dog handling tips from Evan, Age 9, who has a dog named Ziggy! This and much more!

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