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This is a special summer issue that features the underworld of the Jubs. Did you know they live below the surface of Planet GLAK? This issue is packed with lots of fun that will help fill your summer hours with some interesting activities and reading!

In the last issue, Ninja Bob’s funeral was held, but surprisingly enough, appeared as an angel to Ninja Bob JR… what could be his message? What might he need his son to do? Find out! An animation clip of Ninja Bob will be posted on YouTube along with a brief description how it was created by a 2D animator!

In Abajub, you’ll meet a group of different Jubs, learn what and how they eat and how tall they are! Jorb and his family having dinner, and their teacher, Jaff, teaching the students a science unit on growing plants. Try growing your own plant for an avocado seed! There’s a slide show to show you exactly how to do it! Learn how to draw a space cricket, taking things one step at a time!

You’ll enjoy a very interesting youth story about a legend of a ghostly whale discovered by the seamen off the coast of the Netherlands.

All this and much more!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 4
Noel, Age 9 (letter & poem); Emily, Age 14 (poem); Harper, Age 11 (letter), Gautam, Age 10 (drawing)

Page 5
Ariela, Age 11 (drawing); Avery, Age 9 (letter & poem); Suri, Age 10 (letter & painting)

Page 11
Ariela, Age 11 (Pet Pals)

Page 24
Aayush, Age 10 (story)

Page 26
Braylon, Age 12 (story)

Page 28
Drawings: Pierce (Age 7), Ocoee (Age 7), Riley, Cameron (Age 8), Tryphaena (Age 5)
Poems: Harper (Age 11), Kathryn (Age 13)

Page 29
Drawings: Diego, Ocean (Age 10), Julian (Age 7), Alec (Age 6)
Poems: Emily (Age 14), Olivia (Age 12)
Story: Aiden (Age 11)

Inside Backcover
Photo: Alisha (Age 9)