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“Hi! My name is Slate. When I was nine years old I played on two baseball teams, Rampage and The Giants. Rampage is a ‘Super League Travel Team’ and we played a couple of games on Saturdays as far away as 120 miles from where I live. On my Giants team, we played at home against other teams in my town. Both teams prepared me to be on the All-Star team for my age group, after our final tournaments are over for the season.

Other sports I like to play are football and basketball. I’ve played football on the school field with my friends. I have a hoop in my backyard to play basketball, and I also go to a church that is close to our house because it has a full-sized court.”

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You’ll find more of Slate’s story in issue #54 of BAZOOF! Included on this sports page is a fun baseball trivia quiz. See how you score out of 10! Tell B! about a sport you like to play and get published!