Virtual Video Games

by Jon, Age 11

If virtual video games were real, they would probably sell in a heartbeat because they would change video gaming for the world. Parents would no longer tell their children that they were playing too many games. How is this possible? These ‘first-person’ video games would be available with a virtual console, there would be racing games and online role-playing video games in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously. If you had all of that in a virtual first-person game, you would be resting your body while you were playing instead of staring at a television all day. You would be in a completely virtual world!

Point of View

You would want to be able to play online with all of your friends and family, and for this to happen you would most likely have to have a really strong wifi connection because you would want it as close as possible to real life! For example, if you were doing a raid, you wouldn’t want your point of view to be different from everybody else’s point of view.

If it was different, you would have a hard time with missions inside virtual games. This leads me to my next point, as this would likely take a long time to create because you would have to have really advanced technology. For example, how would you play the game? Who would create the technology?

Advanced Technology

It would most likely take us years to develop this kind of technology. Who knows, maybe someone is already working on it. Although most professional gamers, children, and adults would want this to happen, it would most likely never happen. If this amazing thing did happen, it would be a completely new era! Technology would be far more advanced than it is today. Maybe we would have hoverboards or flying cars. If such technology for video games was possible, they would not be the first priority for the world to develop. First priority would most likely be technology focused on bringing the world peace. Still, it would be a miracle if any of this did happen!

A Note From the Writer
“My name is Jon and I am going to tell you what inspired me to write about virtual video games. I wrote about this subject simply because I love video games. I’ve been playing video games since I was five or six years old. Even though I love playing, I just think video games have a long way to go.”