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We’re are now visiting the neighbourhood of Midtown. It’s a buzzing neighbourhood with lots going on! For example, when you visit the Midtown Public Library, you’ll get to read the youth stories about a sloth and another about a very unusual mummy roaming the town!

Poor Ninja Bob! This intelligence fighter is about to meet his rival, Frank, and a very strange situation happens. You will be a little surprised. Read to find out!

Freg is serving up a breakfast yogurt bowl and passes along how he put it together so you can try to make one at home.

In the Midtown Public Library, you’ll find more stories by youth! Raghav, Age 12, writes about a roaming mummy who scares everyone with his ROARS! There is also a special story written by Ms. Sherwood’s Grade 3/4 class. Explore a rainforest and learn about a sloth named Eclipse who learns some powerful lessons with a few other sloths.

In the Science Centre, you’ll meet Professor Betty Featherhead. She’ll invite you to the Science Fair going on in the neighbourhood that you won’t want to miss. Come see the interesting projects students have submitted, play a code game, and maybe you’ll try to make one yourself! The students give you instructions on how they did it.

Xo’Ju has been flying around the city and has decided to talk to its citizens about global warming. You can listen to Gareth’s podcast about polar bears, and watch a slide show of them in their native habitat. Learn why they are in danger, as well as another country heavily impacted by global warming.

All this and much more in this upcoming issue of BAZOOF!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 6
Anna, Age 7 (letter); Atila, Age 8 (drawing); Ainzlee, Age 6 (letter); Kate, Age 8 (letter & poem)

Page 7
Graham, Age 11 (letter); Umamah, Age 8 (letter & photo); Yume, Age 10 (letter); Alexander, Age 12 (poem)

Page 15
Joe, Age 13 (story)

Page 16-21
Science Projects from Ms Y’s Grade 3 Class: Aarav (Age 8), Aiden (Age 8), Nirmaan (Age 9), Anabia (Age 8), Baddir (Age 8), Kristian (Age 8), Aleena (Age 8), Connor (Age 9), Yusra (Age 9), Farooq (Age 8), Inaaya (Age 8), Max (Age 9)
Planet GLAK in the Midtown Science Centre: Ashwinth (Age 8), Jasmine (Age 9), John (Age 9)
YouTube Videos: Atharv (Age 8), Nolan (Age 9)

Page 22
Joseph, Age 12 (poem)

Page 23
Raghav, Age 14 (story)

Page 24
Ms Sherwood’s Grade 3/4 Class (story)

Page 26
Katie, Age 13 (write-up)

Page 27
Sara, Age 12 (poem)

Page 30
Drawings: Lucas (Age 6), Olive (Age 10), Anna (Age 7), John (Age 9), Selishia (Age 7), Ian (Age 5), Ainzlee (Age 6), Martina (Age 8), Marcus (Age 5)
Poems: Camille (Age 11), Abhipriy (Age 12)

Page 31
Story: Graham (Age 11)
Drawings: Steven (Age 7), Yume (Age 10), Mya (Age 11)
Comic: Gautam (Age 9)

Page 34
Jokes & Riddles: Umamahl (Age 8)

Page 36
Photo & Comments: Sarvani (Age 10), Saranya (Age 10)