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In the Wellington neighbourhood at Pete’s Pet Palace, there are two very interesting dogs you’ll get to meet. The first one is a super dog named Tetris! She has been specially trained to find bed bugs. Tetris and her handler work together to help families and businesses find and remove bed bugs. They keep very busy! Learn some very interesting facts about bed bugs and watch a video of Tetris on the job!

The other furry friend is Napoleon, a rescue dog. He has an interesting story to share about how he got with his new owners who now take good care of him. Learn why some abused dogs can behave differently, and what caring people do to help them adjust. Listen to Gareth’s podcast about super dogs!

Of course, you’ll be reading the next Ninja Bob comic. Ninja Bob is working hard on training to challenge Frank! Will he be prepared enough?!? You’ll find out soon!

There are three youth stories to read in the public library. The first is actually a poem about a fox who wants to have wings, the second is about a very strange boy called named Andy who hangs out in a movie theatre. Lastly, a fairy tale about a princess who leaves the palace for a walk, and meets a boy who runs a pie shop with his grandma!

Afi’s Roadside Restaurant is serving a unique Iranian meal you can try making at home. It is made with potatoes with lots of healthy seasoning inside! All this and much more in this next winter issue of BAZOOF!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 6
Tany, Age 10 (letter); Keith, Age 11 (letter); Zita, Age 9 (drawing); Audrey, Age 12 (letter & poem)

Page 7
Jack, Age 10 (letter); Rylee, Age 10 (letter); Gautam, Age 8 (drawing); Jon, Age 9 (letter & drawing); Jessica, Age 9 (drawing); Annie, Age 12 (letter & poem); Nora, Age 5 (drawing)

Page 22
Atsary, Age 11 (poem)

Page 23
Ryan, Age 14 (story)

Page 24
Sam Verlinden, Age 16 (story)

Page 30
Drawings: Hutton (Age 9), Tanya (Age 10), Jaidyn (Age 12), Will (Age 5), Sae (Age 8), Sebastian (Age 10), Shana (Age 10), Luca (Age 5)
Letter & Poems: Ananya (Age 9), Keith (Age 11)

Page 31
Drawings: Anson (Age 5), Jaydee (Age 7), Luca (Age 5), Jacob (Age 8), Josie (Age 9), Savanna (Age 9), Rylee (Age 10), Jack (Age 10), Jayden (Age 6), Nila (Age 6)
Poems: Varsha (Age 12), Spencer (Age 12), Mirit (Age 12)

Page 34
Jokes & Riddles: Mikail (Age 11), Jon (Age 9), Gautam (Age 8), Victoria (Age 10), Nyle (Age 10)