Tom Gets the Axe!

by Levi, Age 10

Tom was a turkey. He lived a nice quiet life, on a nice quiet farm. Tom wasn’t smart, and he wasn’t dumb. But he, and all the turkeys on the farm, had a BIG problem—The Farmer! You see, the turkeys worshiped the farmer. Stupidly, they thought he was a kind loving person who loved all turkeys. The only true thing about what the turkeys thought, was that he LOVED turkey! The kind you put on a plate. Sadly, the turkeys were completely oblivious to the farmer’s secret.

Every Thanksgiving day, the turkeys would beg the farmer to take them to the old rusty shed at the edge of the farm. They were thinking they were going to the best place on earth, and only noticing the sharp silver axe when it was too late.

One Thanksgiving day, the farmer just so happened to pick Tom, the main character of this story (incredible coincidence, huh?). Smugly, Tom smiled at the other turkeys saying, “Gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble!” [Translated version being, “See ya later, suckas!”). All he could think about was how lucky he was to have been picked, as the farmer carried him to the shed.

But as he was set on the cold stone table, and the sharp malevolent axe was raised to his neck, he began to have second thoughts. The farmer, sporting a wicked smile, raised his ax and… “RINGGGGG!” Thump! The axe stuck into the stone table, inches from Tom’s head. The farmer went to answer the phone and was mumbling something about it ringing (that would be unprintable in this story). Desperately, Tom looked around the shed to see if there was anything to save him from this grisly fate. Suddenly, a pile of vegetables caught his eye as well as a pile of turkey feathers from last Thanksgiving. As an idea began to form in Tom’s head—he smiled a devious smile (or as much of a smile as a turkey can make).

Part 2

Inside the old tumbledown shed, the farmer (done with the phone call, might I add), brandishing his trusty axe, looked at the shadowy figure lying on the stone table. Grunting and straining with the effort, he lifted the axe high into the air and… SWUNG!

Into the light rolled a head… of CABBAGE! “FOWL PLAY!!!”, the farmer screamed as he reached at the figure and pulled out a bunch of vegetables covered in turkey feathers! Axe in his hand, he swung open the shed’s door in time to see a tail feather disappearing into the conveniently nearby forest. The farmer ran full tilt into the dense undergrowth until he stopped to rest at the side of a river.

As he caught his breath, Tom ran out of the forest for all he was worth. He jabbed his beak straight into the farmer’s hand that was holding the axe, and began pecking furiously! Screaming and shouting, the farmer let go of the axe and it disappeared into the river’s murky brown water—never to be seen again. The farmer stared at the river. Tom did a celebratory dance. The farmer stared some more. Eventually, the farmer snapped out of his trance and looked at Tom. Tom looked back. Seeing red, the farmer lunged at Tom, grabbed him, and was about to wring his neck with his bare hands when he heard a rustle in the undergrowth.

Out of the forest stepped Bob, a fellow turkey, glaring resentfully at the farmer. While the farmer laughed and jeered at Bob, more rustles were heard in the undergrowth. Soon all the turkeys from the farm were emerging. Some threateningly rapping sticks and various other objects against their knuckles (assume they have knuckles). The farmer stopped laughing. Nervously, he set Tom down and backed away saying, “Nice little birdies, heh-heh”. Then he ran away blubbering like a baby. Tom and his turkey army cheered in joy! From that Thanksgiving day on, the farmer ate vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never bothered the turkeys again!   THE END

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