Poems by Silas

In BAZOOF! Issue #72, Silas (Age 12) had his poem Tree published. Here are a few of his other poems to enjoy!


Your golden hills roll under the sky
And the sand glitters in the glowing light
Clouds pass and wave goodbye
The ground shining, nearly white
Then I leave, forgotten footsteps
And wander through the night

Morning Haiku

When the sun rises
The moon dips and falls away
And I awaken

Poem Assignment – a Limerick 

A boy had a poem assignment 
He had to write all his words in alignment 
He couldn’t have fun
Until he was done 
But he never came out of confinement 

What is Gray

Gray is the sadness that’s always inside you
Gray is the blankness that sits right beside you
Gray is the colour, in which I chose
Gray is the cold at the tip of your nose
Gray is the space, in between black and white
Gray is the sky, when you’re flying a kite
Gray can be a lot of things
But in the world of colour, gray is the king

What Inspires You?

Try writing a poem looking at nature around you, or experiences you’ve had. You could send it to B! and have a chance to be published by submitting it here. Thanks, Silas, for sharing your poems!