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Hello readers! It’s fall in the neighbourhood of Wellington, and readers will be entering Wellington Elementary to meet Mr. Jingles and be a part of his tech lab. And there is an earthling visiting the students via the classroom astrogazer! Find out who he is and what he did!

Also, starting this issue, there is more exciting content off the pages…. you’ll see what we mean! But here’s a hint: print-outs, videos, podcast and more!

Two very fun youth stories to enjoy, one about a girl who visits an alien planet. And another is a fable called The Snow Singer about a little wandering witch and a young boy trapped in ice. Find out why and how they meet.

In Ninja Bob’s next episode, he finally gets off his recliner (well, he had his house stolen from under him) and into a work out like never before. So, what has inspired him to do that? Wait and see!

With the fall weather in Wellington comes all the colours and harvest favourites. So while the wind is blowing the leaves around outside, make some fresh pumpkin pancakes! Enjoy some with your family on a weekend!

All this and much more in the next exciting issue of BAZOOF! that just keeps getting better and better!

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue:

Page 6
Melina, Age 6 (drawing); Sadie, Age 9 (letter); Amani, Age 13 (letter); Sambhav, Age 12 (letter & poem)

Page 7
Shayanne, Age 10 (drawing); Rohin, Age 10 (letter); Ariela, Age 12 (letter); Sim Ling, Age 12 (letter); Ciara, Age 9 (drawing)

Page 14
Imani, Age 13 (true story)

Page 15
Olivia, Age 12 (true story); Fabian, Age 15 (true story)

Page 18
Rohin, Age 10 (interview)

Page 20
Sim Ling, Age 12 (story & interview link)

Page 22
Jack Hoang, Age 17 (story)

Page 28
Dallin, Age 13 (true story)

Page 30
Drawings: Gabriel (Age 9), Victoria (Age 10), Isabella (Age 12), Julian (Age 10), Jayden (Age 7), Corey (Age 8), Jordan (Age 8), Aiden (Age 10)
Poems: Grace (Age 8), Jeremiah (Age 8) & Clara (Age 11)

Page 31
Drawings: Alex (Age 7), Ryan (Age 5), Jessica (Age 7), Yvonne (Age 11), Josh (Age 8), Joshua (Age 9), Corina (Age 10), Ryan (Age 5), Grace (Age 10), Kimberly (Age 7)
Poems: Sadie (Age 9), Sambhav (Age 7), Hazel (Age 9)

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