Soccer is the Best!

In issue #71 of BAZOOF!, the campers at Camp Galoopa participated in a soccer clinic led by youth leaders, Rolando, Juan and Gustavo. Here is more of their comments!

Top 5 reasons why soccer is the best team sport ever!

By Juan, Age 15

1. Everyone loves it

Everyone loves to either watch or play soccer. It is a team sport that requires a plan and lots of talent and skill. Soccer is one of those sports where you need to learn how to communicate and score as many goals as you can.

2. It’s very popular

According to Fifa, around 265 million people are actively involved in soccer around the world. One World Cup final alone was watched by 562 million people, according to statistics. 

3. The Fans 

The support that soccer gets is insane. Some fans take it too far, spraypainting their whole body with the colours of their team and some run into the field even if they know that they will get in trouble with the authorities. 

4. Competition

Soccer has many competitions over the years, for example the Golden items you get for being the best of the best, along with the world cup. The golden ball and the golden glove are given to the best soccer player and the best soccer goalie.

5. Injuries

In soccer, you are less likely to get injured than in any other sport.


By Gustavo, Age 16

“Since soccer is basically a cardio sport, you’ll begin to lose weight because of it. You’ll be working out while having tons of fun; moreover, getting fit is just one of the benefits you get from becoming a soccer player, and its a reason for you to start playing.

Anybody can play this sport, and you don’t need to be a prodigy or become Messi right off the bat. In soccer there are open leagues where people of any age group can play and have fun, and whether you win or lose you have a great time with teammates.

You don’t have to be the best, but soccer is definitely something you should give a try and make friends with.”

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