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Saranya and Sarvani, Age 9, appear in the latest issue of BAZOOF! with their comments on Page 7 (B! Mail) and photo on Page 31 (Oay’s Bulletin Board). They share how they’ve been keeping busy at home during this pandemic.

“During COVID 19, our school has been closed but that hasn’t stopped us from learning and having fun. We are active with our choir and continue singing lessons virtually and learning new things.”

We have been hiking with our family, and aim to check out a new conservation area or trail every week as the weather permits.
We play board games and do family movie nights/afternoons too!
On days when we cannot be playing outside, we workout indoors with PE with Joe.

It’s Your Turn!

Tell B! the different activities you’ve done during COVID to keep your spirits up and manage your time. You could even have it published by visiting submit.

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