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This issue is filled with extra activities and hands-on fun for readers heading to Camp Galoopa for a 7-day adventure in the mountains. Once the bus arrives to camp, the welcome station is there to check your registration and then assign youth to a cabin. Find out what is inside your Survival Fun Pack this year!

Day 2, you get to make a craft at the Moose Shelter, an idea that came from Ariela, Age 12. You’ll find a clip-off section that has a fruit game, and then check-off to see all the different coloured fruit you can eat this summer!

Day 3 is Camp Galoopa’s Spaghetti and Meatballs board game, followed by a dragon story read by the campfire the next day.

If you like sports, Day 6 divides campers to do soccer clinics with Rolando, Gustavo and Juan. Also, in the evening you’ll be trying out your dance moves on the stage after having some instruction by Aiden, Age 11.

And Ninja Bob is back for his next episode, this time readers will get to meet his kids. See what they’re up to.

Here is a list of submissions from youth you’ll find in this issue (other than drawings on Oay’s page):
Saranya @ Sarvani (Age 9) letter and photo
Anika (Age 12) poem
Lucas (Age 12) poem
Ariela (Age 12) drawing & craft idea
Ivana (Age 12) true story
Lola (Age 12) true story
Mahya (Age 11) true story
Cassidy (Age 17) short story
Aiden (Age 11) dance write-up
Rolando (Age 15) sport write-up
Sam (Age 10) poem
Tvisha (Age 10) poem
Norah (Age 11) pet write-up
Graham (Age 11) fake news
Vincent (Age 10) fake news
Raghav (Age 12) poem
Ainsley (Age 12) poem
Julia (Age 11) poem
Grace (Age 8) poem

All this and much more in this exciting summer issue!

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