The Slide That Isn’t So Bad

by Aiden, Age 11

“I created this poem because at school we were told to write a poem of a childhood memory, and this is a time that I went to a water park as a kid.”

The sun is beating down
My skin feels hot
I want to get in the water right away
The slide in front of me looks like a skyscraper
It is so tempting
But so scary
As I walk up the stairs
Butterflies in my stomach
I am holding the tube
Shaking my hands off

I step up to the loading area
I am the first one to get in
We all get in
The lifeguard asks us “The Question”
“Are you ready?”
We all say yes
Even though I am not
He gives us a push
Here we go

Of course, I am facing backwards
We go down the first drop
It’s frightening
Here comes the 2nd one
That one was even worse
We gain the momentum
Go up the big wall
And come down
The slide is over

We get out of the tube
Walk out of the water
And realize
That the slide
Wasn’t so bad
And that the slide that we just experienced
Would be the best part
Of our vacation

It’s Your Turn!

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