Clock Reads 5:06

by Jack, Age 11

I look over to the clock, it reads 5:06
I stuff my head into the pillow
thinking about what the day may bring
I turn over, 5:10
All I hear tic toc tic toc tic toc
Every moment burns as the star rises
The day is near
Ring! Ring! Ugh… I just want to stay in bed                                                          
I have an urge, something big, huge
I can’t figure out what I’m thinking of…
I zoom through all the things that get me ready
Brush my hair and teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast
Today is the… first day of school!

The Reason

The bolded words are highlighted for a reason:
Reads is bolded because I like to read.
Thinking is bolded because I am smart.
5:10 is bolded because my lucky number is in there.
Tic toc is bolded because I love the sound of clocks.
Burns is bolded because I have a lot of sports and everything burns.
Day is folded because I am always excited for the day.
Ring is bolded because I get a lot of texts and calls.
Big is bolded because I always have big plans everyday.
Think is bolded because I think a lot.
Zoom is bolded because I feel like I am pretty fast.
Eat because I love food.
– And finally but not least, school is bolded because I like coming to school everyday learning and seeing my friends!

Write a Poem!

Jack chose a unique way of putting together his poem. Why not try one of your own by looking at his as an example? You could send it to B! and have a chance to be published! Thanks, Jack!

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