Little Contributors 2

Here are some wonderful drawings received from youth that are a bit young yet to be published with BAZOOF! but certainly worth showing off their accomplishment. Thanking all the families who encouraged these young contributors to explore their creativity!

by Nora, Age 4 “This is Captain America. I drew it because daddy collects Iron Man and this is his friend.”

by Erica, Age 5. Erica loves to dance!


by Maxx, Age 5. Where do you take a cow on a date? To the ‘moo’-vies!


by Corra, Age 5. Corra likes to ride her bike and she enjoys flowers!


by Charlie, Age 5


by Charlotte, Age 4 1/2


by Morgan, Age 4. This is a picture of a sunflower and some rocks!

by Nora, Age 4. “I drew these bumblebees while watching a TV tutorial. I love LOL dolls and characters.”

If you’d like to draw a picture and send it into B! for publishing, please see submit for all the details.