Subscriber Relief

As this is a difficult time with COVID19 for many families handling expenses, BAZOOF! will NOT be sending out renewals for the next 4-5 months. In fact, all family subscribers whose subscription will expire in that time frame will have two complimentary issues granted to their order. BAZOOF! highly values its customers and are more than happy to do their part to reduce the impact felt at this time.

As BAZOOF! welcomes new orders to assist parents and teachers with healthy reading and activities to do at home, new subscribers can receive complimentary back issues sent out right away by using the code: COVID19 on the order page when subscribing. See APPLY PROMO CODE in the top right corner of the page!

Also, the current issue is available in digital format immediately by logging into your account. This info is sent to you with your receipt once your order is placed. Any questions or assistance, just email us at and we’d be happy to help.

Wishing all BAZOOF! subscribers and supporters good health and happiness! We’re all in this together!