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Check out this interview about a member of the BAZOOF! creative team whose family has been facing the coronavirus in China, and now herself living in North America.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Evalyn Zhang. I am a graphic design intern at BAZOOF! I grew up in Henan, China where my family lives. 

Evalyn Zhang – BAZOOF! Graphic Design Intern

What brought you to Canada?

I always wanted to experience a culture different from my own, and Canada wins my heart with her beauty and diversity. I’ve been here for four years. 

How has the coronavirus affected your family?

When the coronavirus spread in China, it was during the Chinese New Year. All the New Year celebrations were cancelled. Some of my family couldn’t unite because all the transportation was down. When they went outside, everyone needed to wear a face mask. The city was quarantined and everybody was out of work or school. The internet became a popular form of entertainment. 

What did they find the most difficult to deal with?

The most difficult part during that time was their mental health. My family felt very stressed when they read the news. In the current area, it was very hard to really isolate yourself from the internet. Yet when you are quarantined, there is not much you can do to help the situation.

My father showing me the cherry blossoms where I live!

What were you able to do to support your family living so far away from them?

There was not much I could do for them except video calling every day to give them emotional support.  

How are conditions with your family in China now?

Luckily, the coronavirus outbreak in China is pretty much contained. My parents have started working again and my brother’s school is preparing to re-open the campus.

Back in Canada, how has your school studies been affected by the virus?

All my university classes have been switched to online. Also, I am graduating this year and the school cancelled the grad show, so that was disappointing but necessary. 

What changes has BAZOOF! done so that you can continue working on your projects?

At BAZOOF! we switched to working remotely to protect everybody’s health. I communicate with the editor over the phone and online.  

What are some of the projects you’ve been working on for the upcoming issue #70?

I designed Oay’s pages that features a bunch of fun stuff readers send in. This time we’ve switched it from Oay’s blackboard, to a bulletin board. So it has a different look. I also put together Albert’s Art Gallery (you’ll really enjoy it), FREG’s snack feature, Fandango’s Laughs, and the cover—that has been a lot of fun!


What projects you are working on ahead?

I am currently working on a board-game style activity that will be featured in Camp Galoopa! We’ve never done something life this before! Just a heads-up, there will be some great games included for our readers in #71!

Any encouragement you have for dealing with the coronavirus from your family’s experience in China and dealing with it now yourself?

First, be aware of the pandemic but don’t panic! The coronavirus is very contagious, but there are many ways to protect yourself such as staying at home and washing your hands regularly.

Second, think of this pandemic as a vacation—but at home! Now is a great time to pick up a book you have always wanted to read or a chance to study a new instrument. Being positive is very important.

Third, connect with your friends and family, and of course, on your phone or online. It can be a special time, that’s the reason why everybody needs lots of support from their loved ones. Checking out how your friend is doing on a daily basis and sharing what you did today is a great way to keep motivated! 

Let’s Hear From You!

Share how your family has been impacted by the coronavirus and what you’re doing to stay positive and busy! You can add a comment below or send a response by submitting it here. Thanks, Evalyn!

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