Spring Dinger #70

BAZOOF! has a fun read coming out soon! With everything going on in the world, the creative team have made adjustments and are continuing to work—although COVID19 has had impact on the production of this latest issue.

UPDATE ON #70: Fortunately, the printer approved the printing of this issue since they are presently only taking jobs they feel are essential. Due to them reducing their employees and hours, the magazine has taken much longer to print than usual. They’ve now given us a date that the magazine will be ready to ship Wednesday, May 6th. The mail house can ship it out to subscribers that same day or the next. So, we’re finally getting close!!! The next issue should be much better on track. Here’s a look of a little what you’ll find inside the SPRINGER DINGER issue!

Okay, Ninja Bob shoots off on a rocket to escape The Forces of Frank, and before you know it, he’s got a group of aliens after him. Now, that’s a tough mission! How does he land in the hospital?!? You’ll soon find out!

The community of Wellington has an Art Gallery that is featuring the work of Albert! Come on in and see some of Albert’s paintings along with a few games and puzzles. With a click, you can see more of his work and his quick tips to painting yourself.

Head to the library as there are some new stories and poems by youth! You’ll find a poem about a speeding elephant, a story about a chicken name Chicken Strip (now he’s got a problem or two) and an fun adventure called Saving Sushi!

There are two new mag hosts, Oasis and Adi, and this issue you get to learn more about them on Galaxy News.

All this and more in this upcoming spring issue of BAZOOF!

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