Thoughts Your Way

The creative team here at BAZOOF! would like our readers and subscribers to know that our thoughts are with you all, and our global family, dealing with the affects of the coronavirus. It has been difficult to process but hold on to great hope that the world can be a better place having shared this time in history together.

Our production team have had adjustments to make as well—how and where we work that has caused some delays, but we’re pulling through fine! We are close to having the Spring issue ready and are continuing to complete it. We plan to have files ready for the printer March 30th. Having something positive to work on has been uplifting and encouraging.

If the printer, mail house and postal system stay in place, the Spring Dinger #70 issue will help fill some hours of positive reading and entertainment for the days ahead.

So we’re going to keep doing what we love and look forward to sharing this next issue with you all soon! Sending all the positive vibes we can out there!