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Fall is just setting in the neighbourhood of Wellington. This is a new part of the city the readers are visiting, and you’ll be greeted by two new mag hosts Adi and Oasis, both Age 11! They are excited to meet you and venture this part of the city together!

Ninja Bob is on the cover, and rightfully so! He breaks into Evil HQ to try and rescue the captured agent. He is crawling through a vent when he hears a conversation. See what happens in this latest episode of this fun comic series based on grade-schoolers!

Joe, Age 11, and his family made a big move across the country. Read what that was like living in a new city, attending a new school and making new friends! That’s A LOT!!! You’ll also find a school wacky word search puzzle in his feature too!

There are two new short stories written by youth. One is about a girl who is a student by day and a superhero by night. Turn the page and you’ll read the fable about how the ocean came to be!

If you’re ready for a frozen treat that is healthy and fun to make, Henry and Freg have partnered up and put something on the menu for you! It is berry delicious!

Stop into Pete’s Pet Palace where Rylan will show you his pet bunny, Cooper. Learn where it came from, how they take care of him, and why Cooper is such a special member of their family!

All this and much more being mailed out soon!

The Wacky Winter Issue #69 is out next and being mailed December 15th. Don’t miss it by getting on the subscriber list early. Subscribe NOW!