Super Summer #67

Since the last issue, there have been lots of changes here at BAZOOF! The subscribe pages are new and easier to use and now you can order a digital version as well if you choose. Single copies of issues can now be ordered on the site at the SHOP menu. When the cover shows, that means it is available and ready to add to your cart.

Issue #67 is off to the printers July 1st and will be mailed within 7-10 days! It’s summertime in Bloomsbury and this issue is packed with some great summer fun, including the next episode of Ninja Bob. He meets a new character who wears cowboy boots and rides a horse named Clip Clop! Find out what happens!

Olivia starts the sport section talking about what it is like to be on a competitive softball team. You’ll also find a game that is made up of baseball rules, see how well you do!

Two more youth stories are inside! One is about a pufferfish, but he’s a little unique. This story was written by Seven, Age 8, who lives in the UK. Sam, Age 16, shares with the readers a mystery story that includes a code game.

Make a Fruity Yogurt Trifle with step-by-step photos! You could make it for your whole family! Sean shares a hiking experience he went on in New Zealand and how it changed his perspective on life! Now that’s a hike!

All this and more coming your way soon!

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