The Riveting Race

by Joseph, Age 12

One day in the wood near Nottingham
the animals proposed a race
To figure out what to do
with all the extra space

The first competitor was a quick rabbit
from a burrow
The second was a clever fox
who was very thorough
The third was a gracious goose
who did like to sing
The fourth was a pompous pig
who thought he was a king
The little ladybugs
called out in glee

“This is a very riveting race
You very ought to see!”
The animals all lined up
ready for the race
5,4,3,2,1,0! The animals all heard
who were braced

At first the fox got the start
with the rabbit close behind
The goose was in last
for she was very blind
The pig however
was right in between
The goose caught up
being very keen
The rabbit and the fox
however, could only win
For they were
almost at the finish line

The fox and the rabbit
neck and neck
The fox tried to trip
while the rabbit tried to beck
However the goose
came in such a surprise
And took the win
right before the other’s eyes
Now the wood of Nottingham
had a champion for them all!

Poetry is a lot of fun!

Joseph’s poem, about an animal race, shows how fun poetry can be to write! Try writing your own poem about animals, bugs, dinosaurs or other participants joining in a race! You could send it to B! by visiting submit.