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The cherry blossoms in Bloomsbury tells us spring has arrived in the city! I hope you’ve got some time because there is LOTS to do!

How about starting with some motocross with Hayden on a few tracks. He was going to meet you at Cloud 9 Café to grab something to eat before heading out. He heard that their blueberry orange yogurt muffins was on the menu and wanted to try one! You’ll be able to make them yourself with step-by-step directions!

Ninja Bob is doing a few tricks in his own car… you wouldn’t want to be on the road with him. Find out why! His next comic episode takes you to Evil Headquarters where he enters a door that reads: STAY OUT!

For a little entertainment, you’d enjoy Fandango’s Last Laugh Comedy Show, or might we suggest you dropping into Bloomsbury Elementary to read two youth stories. Cooper wrote a very fun tale about a shoe that goes on quite the adventure! It even made the front cover! Then you also have Sabrina’s story about the Kingdom of Codaria where two sisters are duelling it out to wear the crown.

All this and much more in this fun-filled issue of BAZOOF!