Me as a Maple Tree

by Brieanne, Age 8

I have a very interesting life. I am a maple tree. Let me tell you all about what happens to me during the four seasons of the year.

In spring I get a little warm, but it’s mostly cold. I get some green leaves and some brown and gold. Birds start to build their nests in me! It tickles!

In the next season called summer, it gets really warm. Hot! My leaves are totally green, not one brown or gold. But little buds grow on my branches, it hurts a little but I’m glad I’m growing!

The next season is called autumn. In autumn my leaves turn gold and red. It gets a little more chilly but I can handle it, I’m a tough tree! I get a little scared because all my leaves fall off!

Finally Winter! It gets really cold! Brrrrr! All my leaves are gone! Different animals like squirrels, birds and chipmunks hibernate in me. I’m covered in snow but just watching the lovely children playing makes me feel like I will someday be in the snow with them. It’s just enough to warm me up!

It’s really cool being a tree. But not for long, because today is cutting day! OH NO! AHHHHH!   THE END

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