A Wall and a Bridge

“I choose to write “Love is a Wall and a Bridge” because I believe that love is lots of things. Some good and some not so good, and I just wanted to portray that in a poem.” by Peyton, Age 11

Love is a Wall and a Bridge

Love is bricks, mud, hate, division
Love is acceptance, kindness, happiness
Love is learning how to care for one another
Love is complicated and confusing
Love is the feeling of warmth like a blanket on a cold winter night
Love is the feeling of a bee sting on a warm summer day
Love is sweet like honey
Love is bitter like lemons
Love is sometimes scarcely there barely seeping through the cracks of the wall
Love is sometimes oozing out from within the wall reaching to join the bridge
Love is friendship, partnership, trust
Love is pain, agony
Love is hugs, kisses, I love you’s
Love is neglect, and ignorance
Love is the hope that a wall will turn into a bridge

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