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The leaves are falling in Bloomsbury and Paras and Ruel are waiting for you to spend some time with them in the neighbourhood! In the library, you can read short stories including, “Adventures of Sir Raspberry” by Cooper, Age 12. Plus a spy story called Ruby Rosette written by Arushi, Age 12. Congratulations to these two youth writers!

Freg is serving up some delicious and healthy Banana-Split Sliders in his snack shack. Follow the steps to make your own for your friends and family. How much do you know about guinea pigs? The pet shop in the Bloomsbury town square has a Guinea pig that has arrived and needs a home.

Paras, the B! Mag host does track and field at her school and she will be sharing with you what it’s like to be on the team. There is even a puzzle that will have your brain scrambling!

And another VERY exciting part is getting a look at the Ninja Bob comic series starting up next issue. This issue you can read comic snippets and meet some of the silly characters. There is a matching game you can play and a chance to fill in the faces of Ninja Bob. All this and much more in this next issue!