River Poems

230916_1A Grade 5/6 class from Glacier View Elementary spent an afternoon visiting Trent River. They took their water color supplies and writing books and worked in silence as the water gurgled past them. It was a warm October day with the deep blue skies behind the brilliance of golden maple leaves and dark green firs. As their teacher describes it, they were learning to love nature.

Trent River

by Shelby, Age 10

As I watch your water flow and listen to you go,
I feel so happy that you are here!

I can see myself in you.

You’ve got everything and as I hop those rocks,
I feel like you’re moving me with you.

Your little ponds can hold any fish.

The gold leaves above make the blue sky shine,
and rocks sparkle from all water flowing.

River You Are

by Calvin, Age 11

River you are wet as rain, you flow like traffic on the streets,

You are home to the fish that swim inside you.
I am happy you are here because I go fishing with my Grandpa and Grandma.

I love to go fishing for fish. It is my life, and you are my favorite place on Earth.

Ode To The River

by Chelsea, Age 11

River you flow gently,
I can’t believe you once were a stream.

Your gentle touch feels soft on my hand,
you calmly relax me.

I’ll meet you on the other side.


by Savana, Age 10

River you are as peaceful as a butterfly,
You flow like a leaf falling from the sky,
You smell like the morning dew as I walk to school.

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