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It’s time to hop on the bus and head to the mountains to enjoy Camp Galoopa—space-style!

When you get there, you register, get your Camp Galoopa Survival Fun Pack, then find out which cabin you’ll be staying in. While you are at camp, be sure to write in your mind-reader journal to save all the memories you’ll be making. When you hear the GONG, head to the Moose Shelter to make a baby bird craft out of a pine cone.

And brand new this camp, take part in skit night where you’ll get to perform Food Fright—all about a crazy group of characters found in a fridge who are looking to escape! There are extra games and puzzles to add to the fun this year.

You’ll also still find your favourites, like Lessons Learned When We Were You where you’ll read about Karen who had a friend play hairdresser with her one day….. OH NOOOOO! Try making a summer treat that’s healthy and fun to make! All this and much more in this summer fun issue of BAZOOF!