My Crazy Aunt

260716_3My crazy aunt wears a funky dress.
She always dares me.
For pets she has a monkey
and a fish that talks.
My crazy aunt is very lazy.
She has a friend who is crabby.
I call her Big Loud Abby.
My crazy aunt has a wig.
She dances like a clown
and does it up-side down.
She found a dog and kept it.
My crazy aunt broke her leg on a log.
She is terrible at the game of tag.260716_4
My mom said, “Shame on you.”
My crazy aunt’s monkey moos.
Big Loud Abby’s bear has no hair.
That is my crazy aunt!

by Gemma, Age 7

My Crazy Fish

My crazy fish has
curly whiskers.
My crazy fish stays
at the bottom of the tank.
My crazy fish is very crazy.
The only time it goes to
the top is when it’s hungry.

The end.

by Grace-Lyn, Age 7

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