Click! Click!

tv_3…shoved it in a blender and pressed liquefy. I tossed my homework aside for the time being, and settled myself in front of the television—determined to rid my brain of anything useful it had learned during the day.

It took me several minutes to find the remote. I finally located it shoved between pizza boxes in the bottom corner of our fridge. (We have the most organized family.) Triumphantly, with remote in hand, I made my way to the disgusting dust lump my mother likes to call a sofa. Settling myself in the most comfortable position I could find, I raised the remote to the TV.


Nothing, not even a flicker. I banged the remote against the sofa a couple of times for luck, and tried again. Still nothing. What was I going to do? I was usually such a faithful viewer. Without knowing who was going to be eliminated from Survivor, I would fail socially at school!

In the next few minutes, I tore the house completely apart. Sofa overturned, pillows ripped, house trashed, but still no new remote appeared. I sat on the floor for hours, hopelessly clicking the original remote over and over.

It was a pitiful sight.

At about nine-thirty, my mom got home from work and found me passed out in front of the TV. She woke me up and asked what was wrong. I couldn’t talk, I just pointed at the TV and shook my head. My mom sighed, got up, and walked to the TV. Then she simply reached down and turned it on. Just like that. I heard the words… “the tribe has spoken,” and then it rolled to credits. I had missed my show.

Hanging my head in shame, I began to make my way to my room, imagining the horror of school tomorrow where I would be forced to ask someone who had been eliminated. Oh, the shame.

The next morning, I asked my mom why the remote wasn’t working. She handed it to me and opened the battery compartment. It was empty.   THE END

Write Your Own Narrative

This write-up was sent in from Anthea when in Grade 9. It is a good example of a creative narrative. They are a lot of fun and don’t have to be necessarily funny, as if you are writing in your journal! You could try one yourself and even send it into BAZOOF! to be published. For details, see the submit page.