Boombox Mystery

It was an ordinary Monday evening. Courtney had eaten supper and was on her way to dance class. When she got there, she saw her dance teacher, Tracy. Tracy was a super energetic person and Courtney had been taking her dance classes for two years.  It had never been boring, especially not tonight, as you will soon discover!

“Hi, Tracy. How are you today?” asked Courtney.

“I’m a little confused,” replied Tracy.
Courtney asked, “Why?”

“I searched everywhere and can’t find the boombox!”

Erin then showed up. She is the girl who always puts the boombox away at the end of dance class. Courtney rushed up to Erin, “The boombox is missing, do you know where you put it after class last week?”

“It’s in the storage room where I always put it!” Erin exclaimed.

Then Courtney saw some big footprints towards the janitor’s room.  Erin, Courtney and Tracy decided to investigate further. Courtney and Erin snuck inside while Tracy waited outside the door to keep an eye out for the janitor. They were sure they’d get in big trouble if he knew they were snooping around.

“Wow! It’s dark in here,” whispered Erin.

“Wait, I think I found it,” said Courtney. The girls heard Tracy talking to someone.

“Oh, no! It’s the janitor!” said Courtney.

“What are we going to do?” asked Erin. The door opened and the janitor flipped the lights on. Courtney and Erin froze in their tracks.

“Hey, what are you doing in my room?” the janitor growled.

Courtney came out with a puzzled look on her face.  “No, what are you doing with our boombox?”

There it was sitting in the corner of the room. “I like to use it when I’m mopping the dance floor, but noticed it wasn’t working too well. So I thought I would surprise you with a new one,” he said. Erin and Courtney look at each other. The janitor opened a cupboard and handed the girls a big box.

“That’s awesome, just what we needed for our dance recital.” That was the best dance recital ever, and the janitor had a front row seat!   THE END

Write your own short mystery story

Try writing your own mystery, it can be simple like this one. They are a lot of fun to develop! Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Where could you mystery story take place?
  • Who are the characters?
  • What could happen to start your mystery off?
  • Who is trying to solve it?
  • What are the clues?
  • How does the mystery get solved?

Once you’re done writing your story, you could even send it to B! by visiting submit. Our creative team could even help you with it!