My Best Friend

“This moment was so significant to me, because as silly as it sounds, this stuffed animal helped me overcome some insecurities. He was there for me when no one else was. He was there when times were confusing.”

by Brittany Conley

As a young child, I was always soft spoken and could barely look anyone in the eyes.
As the only girl out of three large boys, I felt out of place most of my childhood.
A scrawny girl, dressed in her brother’s baggy clothes, could be found playing dolls all alone.
One day my larger than life father came home from work with that rare smile of his.
He told his only little girl that he had a surprise for her.
From out behind his back, he pulled a pink bear stuffy.

The bear had a white tummy with a rainbow on it, and his pink heart nose made my childhood heart leap with joy.
My stubby small hands reached out and grabbed him.
Adults saw a stuffed animal, but I saw a best friend.
My bear was always dangling from my side, his small pink paw wrapped in my hand.
At any social event, the family would look over to see me now playing dolls with my bear.
He became a security blanket for me.

When my house started to feel nothing like a home, my bear was always there with a hug.
He helped me become less scared of the world around me because I knew he was always there.
This pink fluffy animal helped a shy little girl realize that she could make friends, even if she struggled to use her tongue.

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