South River School

“I’m Julian. I love writing! I live with my mom, a dog and two cats. Try writing the ending to my short story I call, The South River School.”  Julian, Age 12

Day 1

I was the new kid at school and I didn’t like it. Mom said I would make friends easily but… there was something wrong with the school here. The school is fenced in for some reason and the teachers were so weird. Something was wrong I could feel it. On my first day, I met Alex and he was my only friend in that school.

I am to freaked out to talk about Day 2-6. Sorry.

Day 7

It was any other day at the weirdest school in the world. I was late and the room was dead silent. “Sorry, I’m late Mr Kean.” Said a mysterious voice in the front of the room. I looked up to see a girl.

“Sit down.” Said Mr Kean in a dull voice. All I could do was stare at her.

At the end of class I hear her talking to other kids. “Hi! I’m Alice,” she said happily holding out her hand.

“Jake.” said the kid. He shakes her hand and heads out the door. Alice heads out the door as well. I follow and head to lunch. The line was sooooo long! But I got there and got my lunch and sat down.“Hi, I’m Alice!” She says cheerfully.

“Hi! I’m Simon,” I reply back.

“This school is different.” She says.

“Yep,” I say.

“How long have you been here?” she asks.

“Seven days,” I replied. Alex found us and sat down. He whispered in my ear, “Who is this!?”

“She’s just a friend, Alex,” I say.

“Then what is this Friend’s name?” asks Alex.

“I’m Alice,” she says. I guess she heard us.

“Alex,” replied Alex.

After lunch, I only had one class left… and that was science. Mrs C was talking about how to do our homework, but I didn’t listen. I was drawing in my notebook… I didn’t do well on my homework.

Day 8

The next day Alex wasn’t on the bus and the day after that as well. After a week I tried calling him and no one picked up. I went to the principal’s office to ask.

“Mr Sterling,” I begin. “Did Alex’s mom call him in sick?”

“Alex who?” he asks in a deep voice.

“Alex Shaw,” I say.

“I have no Alex Shaw on my list,” he replies.

I’m frozen to the ground and look like I’ve seen a ghost. Where was Alex!?!

It’s Your Turn!

Julian has started a very interesting story. What could you write for  Day 9? Why didn’t the principal know who Alex Shaw was? There are lots of questions and it’s your turn to have fun with writing what happens next! You could even submit it here for a chance to have it published. Thanks, Julian!