Issue #62 is bigger than ever and has returned to a full size. The Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom on this side of the city! This neighbourhood is called Bloomsbury and there is so much to do here! While Waterman is sleeping, his ‘teethies’ come up with a master plan to invade a nearby bakery! They are in for a surprise! In the park, there are bike trails you can ride and earn yourself a Bicycle Safety Challenge ribbon. Give it a try!In Bloomsbury Elementary school, you’ll get to read two very interesting stories from the Creative Writing class. One is about Barry the Bear in Teetree Forest, who is up to no good. Find out what’s going on! In the other story, Nicole learns about stargazing with her grandfather. You’ll also find Odie the dog, a Maltese mix, at the Woof Woof Tweet! pet store. Ruel describes what it’s like being a second owner. Galaxy News features an interview with an inspirational supergirl who travels the world playing her violin. All this and more in this very special spring issue!

Thanking Paras and Ruel (B! Mag hosts) and all the young contributors this issue. Listed in the order their submission appears in the magazine:

  • Freddie, Age 9 (letter & comics)
  • Christopher, Age 11 (letter & craft idea)
  • Vineet, Age 13 (letter & short story)
  • Sabrina, Age 11 (letter, interview and blog post)
  • Kendra, Age 7 (short story & drawing)
  • Charlotte, Age 7 (modelled for helmet photos)
  • Sameed, Age 15 (true story)
  • Alice, Age 9 (riddle)
  • Malvika, Age 14 (poem)
  • Kaylee, Age 7 (painting)
  • Helena, Age 10 (drawing)
  • Ocean, Age 5 (drawing)
  • Oasis, Age 10 (drawing)
  • Bao (drawing)