Little Contributors

BAZOOF! participated in three literary events this past weekend and got a chance to mingle and enjoy the crowds that attended. The events were: Toronto Word on the Street, Word Vancouver, and Lethbridge Word on the Street. Thanking all the booth attendants and visitors who helped share the health education and creativity that BAZOOF! brings to families and communities.

At one of the booths, youth were invited to submit drawings, jokes and riddles, sport or activities they like to do and pets they have—with the opportunity to be published! Thanks for all the contributors!

B! will be in contact with all those who submitted so you’ll know when and where your submission will be published. It will be fun to work with your contributions and share them with other B! readers and visitors. Let’s start with a few from some of the younger ones. Enjoy!

Tryphaena, Age 5

Alec, Age 6

Marcus, Age 5

Send in YOUR Stuff!

Do you have a drawing, joke, riddle or other submission you could send to BAZOOF!? Enjoy the chance to be published, like Alec, Tryphaena and Marcus by visiting submit.