by Sabrina, Age 11

A mote of golden pollen tickles my nose
like a firefly through cherry blossoms,
still, as if stuck in honey,
swishing left and right, like feathers,
silvered and transformed by the moon,
which hangs like a great luminous pearl
in the centre of a sky dazzled by
birthstone-blue stars,
below a squirrel peeking from a tree trunk,
trying to claw open a nut,
cocks his head from side to side

—at Fate—

who opens the lacquered brown:
she could’ve sworn
she heard thank you in the sashay of his
fluffy tail, chasing down the river,
flashes of silver fish kicking upstream,
the moon of spotlight over her white dress;
a breeze tossing her silken black hair into the horizon.
Fate opens her eyes to cigarette butts
and plastic wrappers,
to a traffic jam on the National Highway
between Beijing and Tibet,
to city-dwellers reaching for bicycles,
hoping the street will
unclutter itself down a grey spindle road,
below Fate’s pedal,
churning aquamarine threads
like a woman
waiting for her only child to be returned.

A Message Shared

Sabrina shared a powerful message about how the world can be seen and perhaps our responsibility to preserve its beauty. How do you see the world? What message would you like readers to think about and be more aware of? Write your thoughts in the form of a passage or even a poem, as Sabrina did. You could send it to B! by visiting submit.