Map Hints

If you’re looking for a few hints to help you find items on the map in Issue #60, you’ve come to the right place! Hopefully you can check them all off.

McMelon Elementary – large school just below the GALAXY BURGERS billboard

Grandma M’s Garden – bottom right corner

Hat Boutique – this building got cut off unfortunately, the map is bigger than what was printed in the magazine; but you can barely see the ON TOP sign at the very bottom that’s slightly to the right of the centre

Three-Legged Lady – she’s sitting on a bench just below the BAZOOF! CENTRE FOR THE ARTS which is a large reddish-coloured building on the far left

Man Reading a Book – find the purple spaceship near the top, he’s just below the ship in the park reading a book on a blanket

Black Dog – it’s on the sidewalk between the COMMUNITY CENTRE and the FUN HOUSE on the upper right

Bellaboo – just ready to get on the bus below CITY HALL in the upper right

Griffmo – just coming back from the FOOD BANK in the upper right

Cluckaluck – heading to CHIPMAN UNIVERSITY which is a very large orange building on the left

Purple Bike – in the bike rack in front of Bloomsbury Elementary, that’s found in the bottom left area

Grandma M – in front of Pete’s Party Palace about in the right of center area

Ms. Smelk – bottom left corner heading to go down the subway

Busby’s Bistro – to the right of the large spraying fountain on the left side

Mail Truck – heading up the road near the centre of the map, just below the two Cherry Blossom Trees (reddish-brown colour)

Snack Snack – below the pond in the park in the centre area

Bunny – in the PET SHOPPE window (green building) on the upper left corner

Chef – he’s in the Café DELICIEUX sign juggling bagettes close to the centre of the map

Bell – it’s a blue bell on top of MOUNTAIN VIEW ELEMENTARY in the upper right corner

Rig Rog – standing in front of the purple COMMUNITY CENTRE below the park with the pond

Sneefle – standing on the rooftop of BAZOOF! CENTRE FOR THE ARTS with Mr. McMelon and Fritz